KeithCler Koroit & Boulder Opals

Lapidary work started at an early age for me.  I was learning to cut gemstones when I was ten years old.  As a kid, I cobbled together anything that would grind and polish a rock.  Several men cared enough to mentor and share with me the skills that took them years to learn.  I traveled to rock and gem shows with a neighbor who was also our family doctor and responsible for delivering me and most of my five brothers and three sisters.  I attended rock club meetings, participated in gem shows and sold cabochons in my teen years.  I began faceting when I was in high school which added another huge lapidary challenge.

In my mid-twenties I set my rocks and equipment aside to raise my family and work in the family business.  I worked as a machinist for many years then moved into design and engineering, eventually sales and then landed in a production management roll…all in the same family business.  When our three sons left home, once again I had more time and for my interest in gem cutting.  Since then I have focused on cutting and selling Koroit opals.

Included in my quest to cut beautiful gems I have a strong interest and enjoy building my personal lapidary equipment.  Some of my favorite materials are Koroit opals (and other Australian opals), agates, jasper, turquoise and jades.

Outside of my interest in lapidary, I enjoy hanging out with my wife, love traveling, hiking in the mountains, riding my motorcycle, parks, camping, fishing, photography, building machines, video editing, wildlife, and playing the banjo.

I have a passion for lapidary and the challenges that go along with cutting different types of gems.  I hope you, your friends and your customers to enjoy the stones as much as I did cutting them!

I'm a guy that's crazy about rocks...I am young at heart.

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